Today's Encounter Began Last Week
Last week (7/29/2022) I visited the presently new facility regarding a difficulty with my Spartan 48 Mower. The Blade Clutch Spring broke. I brought the spring to the Outdoor Power Department and immediately I was issued a new one because of warranty. I didn't know how to replace it so Chad provided me a hands on tutorial on a similar model on the showroom floor. Looked easy enough but I ran into another problem when actually installing the spring. I could not remove one of the latch screws on the front left guard over the belt pulley. So, I called and was told it would be next week. The next day I received an initiated phone call setting up an appointment to pick up my mower. That day, today (August 2, 2022) arrived but no pickup. Several hours later I discovered the driver had been delayed but Chad promised to send someone over quickly. Hector arrived in an hour and repaired the problem quickly while explaining the issue with the latch screw. That part was replaced and the belt was connected properly. Then, I was able to ask questions about maintenance as he gave the mower a once over. He gave some advice about maintenance and I took it seriously. After a bit of conversation he left; problem resolved. I appreciate that I never mentioned warranty yet Chad and Hector mentioned it. I appreciate Hector for taking my questions seriously. I feel more confident about operating the mower since this is my first ever riding mower. Most of my life has been behind a walk-behind for hours at a time. No more. Thank you. And I did call Chad to thank him for taking care of this. It was in perspective a small problem but a problem of which I was ignorant to solve. Now, I know a new thing. (Employee: Hector Vela, Chad LeMire)
Gerald Brignac
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